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Our 1998 family collage ęGail Goldyne
Copula ęGail Goldyne
Our 1997 family collage ęGail Goldyne
Mathematics collage, ęG.G.
Roman collage, ęG.G.
The Bocca della Verita (mouth of truth) on a background of Roman photos and drawings.
Dressed heart, ęG.G.
Photo of 6 foot high wooden painted heart sculpture, by Harry Siter, enhanced in Photoshop.
Hearts Collage, ęG.G.
The following five photographs (Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco; SF earthquake-broken freeway; Mt. Baldy-Sun Valley, Idaho; Film to CD; and Water Pillow) are Polaroid Emulsion Transfers. The original photo was first converted to a 35mm slide; in the darkroom the slide was projected via an enlarger onto 4 X 5 inch Polaroid film. The film was put in a tray of 160 degree F. water to release the emulsion from its substrate. Finally, the image on Polaroid emulsion was rolled onto watercolor paper.
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, ęG.G.
San Francisco earthquake (10/89) damaged freeway, ęG.G.
Mt. Baldy ski mountain-Sun Valley, Idaho, ęG.G.
Film developing reel and Kodak CD (Photography and imaging technology) ęG.G.
Water photo with Kodak underwater film and Polaroid emulsion transfer technique, ęG.G.

Giraffes at Safari West, Santa Rosa, California, ęG.G.
Gondola on a wavy Grand Canal, Venice, Italy, ęG.G.
Venitian gondola, ęG.G.
Venitian gondola nighttime variation, ęG.G.

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